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Eighth grade students in the Living On Your Own classes will be learning skills needed to become informed, responsible consumers. They will be studying the various roles each individual plays in the home, family and community, and how these various roles make us uniquely "who we are". They will be studying various forms of communications, and how to improve communications within family, personal, and business relationships. Students will examine their values and goals, and learn to use these values and goals to make responsible decisions. Students will explore the world of work and careers, and learn what workplace readiness  skills employers look for when hiring a new employee. Each Living On Your Own student is strongly encouraged to join FCCLA, which is an integral part of the classroom curriculum. FCCLA members carry out various projects which provide "hands-on" learning, participate in school and community service projects, and take several fun trips throughout the school year.  Each spring FFA and FCCLA hold a joint Parent-Member Awards Banquet.  FCCLA membership fee is $15.00.

This year our school wide emphasis is on improving reading and math skills, and attendance of students.  Working toward this goal, eighth grade students will spend the first six weeks studying life skills that will benefit them in developing positive relationships at home, at school, in the workplace and in the community.

Seventh grade

 students in the twelve week Family and Consumer Science exploratory are learning  basic nutrition and food preparation skills.  Reading and following recipe directions, accurate measuring and healthy food and lifestyle choices will be emphasized.  Students will demonstrate and apply the skills learned in group situations as they prepare simple food products.

Sixth grade students in the six weeks Family and Consumer Science exploratory will learn basic hand sewing stitches, mending, and they will make two simple sewing projects using the hand sewing skills they have learned. They will also study personal safety and emergency preparedness. Finally, they will learn about table manners, kitchen safety and sanitation, kitchen math and measuring. They will then put these skills into practice to prepare some simple snack foods. 


September 11--First Responder Recognition Program

September 30--State Fair trip

October 11--Eighth Annual FFA Bluegrass Festival, assisted by FCCLA members

October 14-Nov. 3--Citrus Fruit Orders Taken

May 5, 2015--  Parent-Member Awards Banquet

Other events will be added from time to time as students develop their project plans for the year


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