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Library Staff
Library Staff
Mrs. Shelli Beeler, Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Anne Hunt, Library Assistant

About us.

about 1 year ago

Our Mission.

The library media program strives to cultivate in our students the "desire to know". We work to help students engage in information seeking behavior, developing skills to discover, to understand, and to use the vast body of information available to them. We hope that our students will embrace the power and responsibility that accompanies knowledge. We also promote the joy of reading and guide our students to become life-long learners.

Our Hours.
The NMS Library is open from 7:30-3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Our Services

about 1 year ago

Our Services.

Print materials.  Our library offers access to about 9000 fiction and non-fiction titles, as well as 16 popular and academic periodicals which may be viewed in the media center.

Playaways and Kindles.  The library has a small collection of mp3 audiobooks and Kindle e-readers available for student checkout.

Follett Digital Resources.  E-books and Digital Audiobooks are available for checkout through the Destiny Library Catalog and can be read on any computer or other device with Internet access.

Reference services.  In addition to our traditional print reference materials (i.e. encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and almanacs), we also offer access to digital and online reference materials through our Britannica Online subscription and through  These are available anywhere you have Internet access.

Technology services.  Resources that are available for student checkout in the media center or under teacher supervision include digital cameras, camcorders, iPads, iPods, microphones, and headphones.  We also offer earbuds for sale for $1.75.

Destiny Library Online Catalog. Students can access Destiny, our online public access catalog, wherever and whenever they have Internet access.

Information about Fines
Because we want to keep books available for checkout to everyone, we do charge fines for overdue items. Fines are as follows:

Books...$0.05/day....maximum of $1.00.
Playaways...$1.00/day....maximum of $3.00.
Kindles...$1.00/day....maximum of $3.00.

Note: When a student's fines reach $3.00, they are not allowed to check out unless it is needed for class. Only one item will then be check out to them.

Fines may be read off in class or in the library at a rate of 10 cents per 5 minutes read. Students must notify their teacher or the librarian that they are reading off a fine so that accurate times can be kept.
What is Mrs. B reading?
I am reading the second book in the Eighth Day trilogy by Dianne K. Salerni, The Inquisitor's Mark.

I am also rereading a childhood favorite, The Secret of the Mansion (a Trixie Belden mystery) by Julie Campbell.

In preparation for a Skype session TAG students will be doing with the author, I am rereading Brotherhood by A. B. Westrick.

Student Checkout Policies

3 months ago

Print and e-books.

  • Non-fiction and fiction titles for two-week periods. 
  • There is a checkout limit 3 items at a time.
  • To renew books, you must bring them to the media center circulation desk.
  • If you have overdue items, you may not check out new materials.
  • Lost or damaged items must be paid for before you can check out new items.
  • If you have items more than two weeks overdue, you may be asked to serve lunch detention until the item or items are returned.

Playaways and kindles.

NOTE: Signed permission slips are now required in order to check out Playaways and Kindles.


  • Playaways have a two-week checkout and may not be renewed.
  • Only one Playaway may be checked out at a time.  You must not have any overdue books in order to check one out.
  • Headphones or earbuds are required. You may use your own or purchase earbuds from us for $2.00.
  • Playaways use one AAA battery.  The library provides rechargeable batteries that must be returned with the Playaway. If the battery power dies while you have the Playaway, return it to the library, and we will give you a replacement battery.
  • If a Playaway is lost or damaged, you are responsible for the full cost of the device.  Prices vary by title, but most Playaways cost about $50.
  • If you are overdue with a Playaway, you will have to wait a month before checking another one out.

Kindle E-readers
  • Kindles have a one-week checkout period and may be renewed once.  We ask that when you come in to renew, you leave the Kindle with us during the day to charge.
  • If you are overdue with a Kindle, you will have to wait a month before checking another one out.
  • If a Kindle is lost or damaged, you are responsible for the full cost of the device, the case, and the books that were loaded on it.

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